On Tuesday 7th February 2017 we are participating in Safer Internet Day. This year the theme is ‘Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet’. Your child will participate in activities to help them consider what they can do to make the internet a kinder place and stay safe whilst online. This includes using social media such as you tube, face book, twitter, snap chat and what’s app and playing on gaming sites where children can interact with friends and people they don’t know. Lessons will focus on personal information and how children should never share these details online. They will also encourage children to consider what they should post online about themselves and others.

Parents and carers play a crucial role in supporting children and we would like you to support us in promoting online-safety with your children. If possible, please take time to read the attached leaflet and talk to your child about what actions they could take to stay safe and make the internet a kinder place.

Learning about online safety is important for all children. It is regularly addressed at school, not just on safer internet day. At St Wilfrid’s we display SID’s top tips for pupils up to year four and SMART rules for older pupils. A copy of these rules has been attached for children to use at home as well as school.

Thank you

Mrs Smith

Safer Internet Day (PDF)

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