School Uniform

School Uniform

All children are encouraged to wear school uniform.  This ensures that the children look smart and eliminates any competition between children to wear the latest expensive fashions (including trainers).  Parents are asked to clearly mark all uniform with their child’s name.

Sweatshirts, fleece jackets and book bags are available from the school secretary.

Clothing for PE
For P.E. children should wear appropriate clothing.  Children should wear white T-shirts and black shorts.  For safety reasons children do P.E. in bare feet to avoid the dangers of slippery floors. Should your child need to be excused P.E. or games a note should be sent to the classteacher giving reasons why your child should be excused.  If children are able to attend school then they should be able to participate in P.E. We would urge you to name all items of uniform as it is almost impossible to trace the owners otherwise.  

Is my child allowed to wear jewellery?
The wearing of any kind of jewellery in school is prohibited.  The school cannot be held responsible for any lost items.  Children who wish their ears to be pierced should wait until the beginning of the summer holidays, after which the earrings can safely be removed while in school.  It is not permissible to cover earrings with a sticking plaster.  

Children’s Property  
The school or the LEA cannot accept any liability for lost property.  Children should not bring to school any item which is expensive or valuable.  If an item does go missing please contact a member of staff who will try to secure its return.

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